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Guesses Number between 1,048,576 (19 Guesses!)
rediar (402)

This program will easily guess any number between 1.048,576 and 0. In 19 guesses or less. Amazink!

ebest (645)

doo doo doo doo

if you make a new live session, I might be able to put your chatbot (Mr. Rice) into my chatroom thing.

rediar (402)

@ebest Sure, when? Also, I’m definetly not done, I brushed up some of the skills and just started the process of getting the bot ready. Plus, seriously?

ebest (645)

@rediar huh Waldenburg, Michigan?
(based on the place you work (I highly doubt that though))

What? It might be fun to test. Where else would you put it. Can discord use python bots? is stopping hosting them (cannot speak)(all bots, not just python).

And is there any specific reason that "prussia#5256" is on your profile?

rediar (402)

No no, I meant the photo, lol, not your offer, I’ll be happy to take you up on it. And umm not really, except to remember my discord name and id (mucho hards to remember). Plus why does it not host discord bots? @ebest

ebest (645)