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bakersk2 (1)

This is java code that prints a game. If you can get it in less than 8 tries, let me know!

NadiaJennings (0)

last time i guessed it at 10 tries

ritwinn (0)

Simple algorithm to guess the number; Use it to guess in up to 7 tries:

lunarmath (0)

Okay, what's next?

Cerberus_75 (4)

Best i could do :D

noah427 (3)

exit status 1 oof

bakersk2 (1)

@noah427 I'm super new to coding so... help? I don't totally understand what that means.

theangryepicbanana (1149)

(No social media links btw thx)

bakersk2 (1)

@theangryepicbanana I'm new here, thanks for letting me know!