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Guide to Python : Importing Time
JohnStarrs (23)

This is a guide for new people to python or people who just want to know how to use the time function

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Enjoy =)


In Python we have the time function
This is a useful function and this guide will go over the basics of it.
There is 2 steps for the time function in Python, but first lets find out what it does.
The time function will somewhat pause your program for any given amount of time.
To do this we first need the import function to import time, this is simple and looks as such.

import time

Once this is done our program now has a timer in it, but we cant use it yet.
To activate the time we use the .sleep() function.
it will look as such.


We put this above or below the prior given function/command.
Inside the () we include how long of a pause we want in the program.
It would look as such.

print("this was paused")

The number inside the () will pause it for that many of seconds in this case 1 second.

For more info look inside the code as it has examples that work and more.


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Hope this was useful for you =)

JohnStarrs (23)

Hope this is helpful =)