Hack! - A text-based puzzle game
mrsprinkletoes (136)

Use your hacking skills for good and uncover the dark secrets that TechCompany holds.

If you are interested, be sure to check back frequently for any updates!

11:00am EST 3/19
Fixed a few bugs

5:00pm EST 3/18
Removed .env passwords due to major bug

11:30am EST 3/18
Added slightly different ending depending on whether you expose Steve cheating or not
Hid passwords in .env file

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It's a good game, but rather confusing, as a linux terminal user I saw that it looked like bash and immediately started coding in bash and got a whole bunch of errors :P. Overall a good game though!

mrsprinkletoes (136)

@RogueKing haha, yeah. it likely isn't similar in functionality to an actual bash terminal at all, i was just going for the terminal feel.


@mrsprinkletoes You did it pretty well haha ;)