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HackFTW 2020 Hackathon First Place Winning Project
evanzimmerman (44)

I attended HackFTW earlier today with @arvandamleshi and we placed first overall.

The hackathon was based around the United Nations Global Goals ( We decided to focus on climate change, and ended up creating an app that visualizes climate change into graphs that can be manipulated by the user.

We used pandas and matplotlib to convert data from Berkeley into a graph form, and then allowed the user to specify a certain year or range of years to view the changes in global temperature.

The graphs display years (or months) in relation to the average temperature anomaly, where zero is relatively safe and the larger the number the worse climate change is.

Since the hackathon was only twelve hours, we unfortunately did not have time to create all of our ideas, but we are hoping to continue working on this project soon, implementing features that allow the user to visualize how positive things they can do will effect the climate change graph.

Anyways, feel free to check out the project! I'm quite proud of it and I had a blast at HackFTW hanging out with friends and writing some code.

DynamicSquid (4393)

Oh sweet dude, good job!

DynamicSquid (4393)

@evanzimmerman So you and Aravnd know each other in person?

evanzimmerman (44)

@DynamicSquid Yeah we know each other in person