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HackerTyper Bot
muddskipper (66)

A handy bot that will turn your gibberish into 1337 h4x0r codez.

Check it out! ^-^

(Written in JS)

duck132912 (196)

i like it but it would be better if the text color was #00ff00

EekulD (23)

what does the code actually do though? The code that it's transforming your input into?

ashtro4 (13)

This is amazing! I can't believe people can even write in this language. I can barely understand it, and believe me, I've tried. Anyways, props to you for using Javascript to make this program.

muddskipper (66)

@ashtro4: Thanks man, I can barely write in english.

derulan (47)

Yo benree when u make dis

paulfears (89)

@mohanadalaas: don't be like that. You should let your code speak for itself. I get you are excited about your work but it wouldn't hurt to slow down a little

SalaKhaliff (0)

Made me feel like a Hacker ,, LOL Good work

CarysS (29)

The true beauty is it's written in JavaScript but all the 'sick hacking' is in python

Burito_face (1)

finnaly, i can look smart around my friends.

LardBoi (31)

It's cool until you realize you couldn't hurt a computer with python.

muddskipper (66)

@lardboi: I have zero experience in hacking haha.

richtan (122)

hey bro you took this from this site!

A17aphillips (29)

This is suspiciously similar to

muddskipper (66)

@a17aphillips: The goal was to replicate it. I couldn't figure out how to add things like the 'access granted' and stuff.

richtan (122)

@a17aphillips: the code is from that website, i checked

richtan (122)

@muddskipper: i think you copy and pasted it though...

richtan (122)

@muddskipper: or maybe you wrote the code word for word?

SDmagicninja (3)

@richtan copied from coder_panda