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Hacker's Corner
thetinoman (10)

This game is a submission for game jam. I am not really interested in winning (I know I wont), but this initiative was a fun way to get me and others to code something fun. Hacker's Corner was inspired by various repls on the chat. This was an individual project, although I did have some people test it out and give some suggestions. Thanks for having this cool Game Jam. I can't wait to see what wins.

Here's the link:

minion3665 (13)

Cool game- you should make it so that you can use unix commands as substitutes like I have seen in some of these other games before.
For example to read a file:
cat filename.nottxt

Steven_The_GuyT (213)

I tried hacking IIA, but it would always say failed to hack or something, even though I tried like 10 times, why? The rest seems to be going great!

thetinoman (10)

@Steven_The_GuyT Hey there,
There is a one in 2 chance that you hack hack them, so you must just have had bad luck. Don't worry, you're not the only one. Sorry about that.


Hm, it doesn’t seem to work.

minion3665 (13)

@MATTHEWBECHTEL on my iPad I had to click the open on button in the top right to make it work


Are you going to put in the link aswell? lol.