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Hangman! ---[O : ]
PowerCoder (703)

Play this with a friend on the computer or try to get the word in one try for yourself
I wanted to make classic addictive and fun game that I know, so I made it.

How To Play:

Enter a letter to reveal the places where the letter showed up in the hidden word. Still don't know how to play the game click here

Anyways, have fun with this game. Report bugs in the comments below. Also, I'm open to suggestions.



  • Bug fixes.
  • Spaces between the letters so you now how many characters there are.
  • Allowed you to see your wrong letter guesses.
ArielFuxman (10)

This one is good.
I entered into height prediction.
once it asked for my mother's height in inches I cringed and left

PowerCoder (703)

@ArielFuxman (; I'm glad that you looked into my other projects.

MATHyou (34)

I would like if you made it so that you can't type a letter twice, but amazing nonetheless!

PowerCoder (703)

@MATHyou Thanks for the suggestion!
Edit: That is now added to the game.

AlexanderTarn (270)

You can put spaces between the guessing word so that you know how many letters are in the word.

PowerCoder (703)

@AlexanderTarn Good idea, thanks!
Edit: I have added this to the game.