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Hangman but there's no man
amaddentcsec (35)

Once you run the program, instructions are in the console. Answers/words can be found on line 94.
Good luck, and please upvote!

(If you want to add new words, be sure to change the length of guessed on line 9 to the length of the longest word you add)

Edit: Thank you everybody who has upvoted or commented!

AbhayBhat (256)

Good but I would suggest making the words appear faster and I looked in your code and I noticed you used java.util.concurrent.Timeunit. You really do not have to use that. You could just put the thread to sleep for however many milliseconds by saying Thread.sleep(howeverManyMiliseconds);

amaddentcsec (35)

I changed all the times to make the program faster, reply if you think it is good.
I guess I will use Thread.sleep for my next project, thanks for the advice!

JosephSanthosh (584)

This is really nice, good job. You shud make the wait time after every letter lesser and you shud also tell us when we get the letter wrong becuase we can't really make out. Good job though

amaddentcsec (35)

Uhhhh are you suggesting I should make it easier?
Also pls upvote :P

ZDev1 (367)


Uhhhh are you suggesting I should make it easier?