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Hangman - with a twist!
OwenBradstreet (100)

There are two modes in this hangman! Either you play as the guesser (1), guessing the word the computer has chosen.
Or you can let the AI play as the guesser. The AI doesn't cheat - check the code :) When you run it, the game will be over instantly and either the AI got your word or not - but you can scroll up and see how it came to it's result.

I hope you enjoy!

mat1 (3290)

Cool! It would be awesome if you could change the difficulty though.

OwenBradstreet (100)

@mat1 What would the difficulty make harder?

AlexandrosTzanopoulos (0)

Cool stuff! But, I think I found a bug:
The word was "Protect" and when I entered "t" it didn't fill both of them.

OwenBradstreet (100)

Now with an even larger library of words, about 100,000. This means a wider range of vocabulary for the first mode, but a bit longer load times on the second. :)