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Hangman with no man
helfand (46)

[No description needed i think...]

Spacecraft (142)

Nice job! It seems that upper case letters don't work as correct guesses. Perhaps you could make the input case neutral on your next iteration.

helfand (46)

@MarkKohler Thanks! I added .lower() from the input so that upper case letters work!

nN34398Ff (107)

Nice!! How about adding a way to do the entire word at once?

DynamicSquid (4532)

Just a tip though: maybe make a text file so you can easily store large amounts of words. but other than that, this is one of the best hangman games I've played

aflacc (9)

woah! hangman wit no man!

Wilke000 (504)

oooh! Now this is cool!

kingcharles (3)

Nice! very clever. [At least to me]

AustinZhang1 (64)

ngl the hint is broken

aflacc (9)

press enter without a response to break the games brain

helfand (46)

@aflacc Not anymore! Thank you for showing me that bug. (Pretty easy to fix)

JosephSanthosh (1190)

Good JOb on deleting the other post and on this post. You astound me!

helfand (46)

@JosephSanthosh what do you mean 'and on this post'?

amaddentcsec (203)

This is almost as good as mine!
My Hangman

helfand (46)

@AustinZhang1 when i click on the 'My Hangman' link, it goes to mine, why?

AustinZhang1 (64)

@viperx oops I copied my hangman's link, then copied your link to share with a friend! My bad has been fixed.