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benneale2005 (59)

This is hangman. To input your answer you need to do it letter by letter you cannot input the entire word at one time.

CollinKunsman1 (29)

This is rigged!! I knew that the answer was acid, so I typed in a-c-i-d, but only the 'a' and 'i' worked. I typed in 'c' and 'd', but it said I already said that, but never showed in the lines, so then I typed in 'acid' for "Enter guess:" and nothing happened. then when I typed in something else, i lost and the word was actually 'acid'.

PDanielY (1127)

@CollinKunsman1 you shouldn't say it was rigged it was probably a glitch.

CollinKunsman1 (29)

@PDanielY Yeah, your probably right.

CollinKunsman1 (29)

Umm... I think "New Game (With your own Word)" is broken, because it's not working for me. When it says "Enter secret word:", and when I try to type something, it doesn't let me type a single thing!

PDanielY (1127)

@CollinKunsman1 thats not a glitch. The developer did that so other people wouldn't be able to see your word

CollinKunsman1 (29)

@PDanielY but then, you won't be able to see your own word, so what's the point in adding that if there's no way to type there? Can he add an update to where people can type there while also making it to where people can't see what the word is while they try to guess?

Andi_Chin (220)

@CollinKunsman1 you can still type, it just won't be shown, it's the same thing as entering your password in the terminal

ags16dygr (11)

Exuberant my good sir

lgoldstein133 (2)

can someone please help me to make a two player dice game

theangryepicbanana (1652)

@lgoldstein133 please do not spam posts asking for help. Instead, ask for help in the Ask board

ChristienKey (1)

@lgoldstein133 are you trying to cheat your GCSE NEA?, smh

lgoldstein133 (2)

@ChristienKey no its just for practice i didn't even want to choose computer science and its not going to help in what i want to do in the future

ags16edev (6)

Don't fall my great leader. Stand tall!

zynmsd (1)

i got victory 1st try lol

NoahKWebber (2)

This is pretty similar to something I made
sorry if my code is not that easy to read

wAaron528 (1)

tbh, it's kinda easy to guess...

Bookie0 (4554)

Hi, super cool game! Really like it! Though I’m terrible at it!
Also, maybe if you want you could add a score variable to keep track of the number of times you lose a game or win a game. Just a suggestion.

Have a nice day!

R_Gaspar (0)

You should try to clear the screen. Look up "ANSI Escape Codes" on Google and add some color. I'll show you my Java Version of Tic-Tac-Toe, I used it a LOT to make it look good and not clustered.

emotionbot (9)

I recommend putting your "word library" into a json file.

RadinGeekPython (7)

Best Python game I've seen on this site! love it!

JohnStarrs (23)

this is cool and all but it cant tell the difference from i and l but still very cool program

FishDeity (0)
  • looks at the word bank * . why is Breytenbach in it? xDD
ags16edev (6)

You are the coolest