benneale2005 (60)

This is hangman. To input your answer you need to do it letter by letter you cannot input the entire word at one time.

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CollinKunsman1 (28)

This is rigged!! I knew that the answer was acid, so I typed in a-c-i-d, but only the 'a' and 'i' worked. I typed in 'c' and 'd', but it said I already said that, but never showed in the lines, so then I typed in 'acid' for "Enter guess:" and nothing happened. then when I typed in something else, i lost and the word was actually 'acid'.

PDanielY (971)

@CollinKunsman1 you shouldn't say it was rigged it was probably a glitch.

CollinKunsman1 (28)

@PDanielY Yeah, your probably right.