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Roar123 (305)

Back and Better than Ever

I know you guys have probably seen a lot of Hangman programs - it is a very common coding challenge. In fact when I started learning Python, I made a Hangman program with the help of a tutorial. Even though the tutorial did most all of the heavy-lifting and the program was very basic, I was enthralled with possibilities of programming.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. I wanted to revisit this challenge but this time I would program it from scratch and try to add as many advanced features as I could. It was difficult at times and I experimented with things I had never done before such as creating a flask server, but I was able to pull it off. I present to you . . . . . .

Pretty cool right! Wait till you explore the interface - it'll blow you away! Oh and since I should be a model citizen who cites their sources, I used an online ASCII art generator for the "Hangman". Check it out here. Let's move onto the features now!


  • Beautiful color interface with custom slowprint function
  • Stringent guess criteria
  • Accurate guess evaluation
  • Webscraped list of 500 words
  • Live leaderboard
  • Custom commands
  • Help documentation
  • There's a 'Hangman'

What else could you want!

How to play

To learn how to play hangman, I recommend reading the rules and commands, found in the help section of the program. To make gameplay and functionality more streamlined, check out these commands below!

/home - Directs to home screen
/help - Helpful information and commands
/play - Play Hangman
/leaderboard - Directs to leaderboard
/restart - Refreshes current page
/quit - Quits program

Everytime you see '>>>', you will have the option to enter commands.

Game Example


If you submit your score, your username and score will show up on the leaderboard and everyone can see it. Please pick appropriate usernames as this is a friendly programming community. Good luck and go for that 1st place spot on the leaderboard!

Leaderboard Update 3/28/20: Congratulations to @MrEconomical and @DJWang for holding the top spots on the leaderboard and scoring a 6, the incredibly difficult highest possible score!
Congrats also to @iterate for joining the elite 6 club!
Stay tuned as there may be a possibility to score more than 6 points in future updates!

Leaderboard Load Update: Due to the sheer amount of entries on the leaderboard, it now displays 15 results with the option to load 10 more. The way it loads is very efficient - check it out!


On top of creating a complex, beautiful hangman game, there's a webscraper to generate the word list and a flask server to host the leaderboard. Check them out below!

Thanks for checking this out!

MrEconomical (2124)

master of python terminal games is back at it with another amazing project. better than I could ever do!

Roar123 (305)

@MrEconomical How did you get a 6, the highest possible score??? What a legend!

SimonSkoglund (1)

really, really good programing:D

iterate (95)

@CodingCactus first of all rhythm is spelled with an h and rhythm would be 6 letters

iterate (95)

Great job the leaderboard and the commands were a nice touch to a game like hangman.

ArtemPionov (8)

@Roar123 Thank you so much for your text title, If you don't mind I will copy your title(not the game itself) just the title. Thank u, ur the best! I'll use it to make my title. If u want to check it out here's the link

Roar123 (305)

@ArtemPionov Sure thing, your "Survival" title looks pretty nice. Just so you know, I used an ASCII art generator for the title, the link's here (more info in the post).

medcho (1080)