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CoolJames1610 (530)

(uses getkey module - not compatible with mobile Thanks @NoelB33 )

Thanks <3

NoelB33 (291)

It works on mobile

kbadrinath_tcsp (206)

They're addressing the fact that you are asking for upvotes. @CoolJames1610

CodingCactus (2483)

@kbadrinath_tcsp lol, it was just that the first thing you did was ask for upvotes rather than actually talking about what you have put effort in and made

CoolJames1610 (530)

@CodingCactus oh that is becos ive already uploaded it a few times and i couldnt be bothered to make a proper post :p

CodingCactus (2483)

@CoolJames1610 erm you aren't supposed to post things more than once really

CoolJames1610 (530)

@CodingCactus this community also sees things at the wrong time. Mostly people who have lots of cycles get their projects noticed. A lot of people don't.

CodingCactus (2483)

@CoolJames1610 i see all posts and i upvote all of the ones that i like, because i have large cycle count, my upvotes are more effective at getting things on the hot page for more people to see because of the recent trending algorithm change. I am basically someone that chooses which posts go on hot page

AH3973 (39)

this game was very glitchy

mwilki7 (989)

i swear im having the biggest deja vu right now

VulcanWM (1762)

There is this error:

CoolJames1610 (530)

start again. idk how you are able to do this error. @VulcanWM

CoolJames1610 (530)

well this seems like a problem with you :/ @VulcanWM