It's My Birthday!
Coder100 (4353)

It's My Birthday!

Hello, world! It's my birthday today! I created this awesome website to celebrate the occasion. Anyways, you can either write me a birthday card or play the fun balloon game!


  • Mouse to aim
  • Click to shoot
  • Don't let any balloons get past you!
  • Remember to click on [ save to leaderboard ] to save your score!

Bday Card

  • You can make as many as you want :D
  • You can also not be logged in and make a card!


  • Made with EJS!
  • I used my own client for the database!
  • There's some font awesome in there...

Have a great day!


Me being birthdayboi on discord:


Ok, so I guess you guys found the hack feature in my game LOL! Well, turns out I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN All hackers have been removed, and @AustinZhang1 is still number 1! Also, I don't know what happened with the cards... I'll be looking into that!


Wow! This has gotten more support than I had anticipated!! Thank you everyone for writing a card! I have read them all! So kind of all of you :D

This is probably my best birthday ever!! Thank you!


So I got a new computer, but then a tree fell and so now I don't have wifi and probably not for a long time :( (this is wireless data btw)

More edit

So basically why you couldn't write cards was because of a database error. I still have no idea if it's a problem with my client or not, but here's the test. Anyways, it appears I could set the data with a new line, but it couldn't read it. How strange. Anyways, I'm now just removing newlines completely until its fixed. Have a great day!

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Pyth0nline (0)

Happy Birthday. Do the birthday cards even work? If not:
Me : Lamely Happy Birthday.
You : Bored Thanks.
You: So, where's my present?
Me: Uh... Well... Umm..... Changes Topic
Me: So, what are you going to do for your birthday?
Me: Will you have a party or go on a cruise? ._.
You: .... C0r0navirus
You: Walks Away
Me: Stands there :'C

Pyth0nline (0)

How is this possible :P...
Didn't know I was so bad at this game...

Coder100 (4353)

the birthday cards actually do work was there a bug? @Pyth0nline