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Hardcore Games: Rumble Pop Shake
AnouS (15)

I am just in 4th grade so I would love peoples feedback on my Rock Paper Scissors(Constructive Comments Only, Please)Please upvote if you like it!

The Link is:

NachoMan (9)

I'd suggest using the time.sleep function to put some time between the intro and the actually choice.

AnouS (15)

@NachoMan Nice Idea. i'll think about it.

AnouS (15)

@NachoMan Nice idea, I'll think about it.

PhosphoruxRex (1)

yeah, similar to what sinarasouli did, I would recommend adding an output of what the computer used, for that extra visual.

AnouS (15)

@PhosphoruxRex Yeah, I was thinking about that

ArymanDeshwal (0)

you can add a point system too, till 3 wins or 5 .

AnouS (15)

@ArymanDeshwal That's a Good Idea. I don't have time to work on it right now but I'll see

sinarasouli (0)

Here is the link again:

I have added several files in this repl. Just copy and past the version you want from each file to the '' and run it.

As @NachoMan said, it would be great to add time.sleep.
(will add in v5 in the repl)

AnouS (15)

@sinarasouli Wow, That is so cool, your version. I never thought about doing that but now, maybe I will.

sinarasouli (0)

I have made some minor changes. I would be glad if you read mine:
( Hope i have not changed a lot :-? )

AnouS (15)

@sinarasouli cool, I will try to add that

amasad (2273)

I think there's a bug on line 19. Maybe you meant the variable computer instead of the string?

AnouS (15)

@amasad Thanks. I fixed it

Red_Blaze_Gamin (5)

That was cool, I nice take on an older game!