3D RPG Text Adventure (no .. really, I promise: 3D)
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2. Don't forget to REST when you've taken damage after a fight!

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As of 2020-03-22:

  • Over 8,000 lines of complex class-based Python code
  • ~800 total characters created
  • ~80 characters played >= 0.01 day (longer than ~8 minutes)

Hello fellow REPL'ers,

A while back, I shared my initial idea for creating a 3D maze game. I took that idea and combined it with an RPG Text Adventure I've been working on for a while. Here's the result!

NOTE: Game is best played in a full screen window due to the 3D perspective "window" in the upper right corner:

Typical text adventure commands can be used to move (such as north, west, etc), however you can also use the cursor buttons:
Up: Move forward
Down: Move backwards (doesn't change facing direction)
Right: Turn to the right
Left: Turn to the left

While the graphics seem VERY simple, it is in-fact a 3-layer rendering engine. If portions of the first layer are transparent (such as an opening in a wall) then the contents beyond are rendered. This means when you open a door, the contents of whatever is beyond that door will be shown, etc.

Currently, the engine can render: walls, a few kinds of doors, archways, torches, caverns, bridges and more.

Don't forget: You will still need to read the text side of the screen for room descriptions, NPCs and other information.

The RPG includes:

  • Save / restore characters
  • Custom character creation
  • Multi-layer armor
  • Skill-based fighting
  • Tick-based engine where things happen when you aren't typing ("tick" is around 10 seconds)
  • Day / night cycle
  • NPCs can be talked to
  • Quest tracking

Lastly, the game is clearly not complete. I work in my spare time on:

  • add "room objects" like levers which can be pulled or paintings that can be examined, etc
  • filling out the map
  • add more "frames" to the rendering engine
  • add more quests and items (eventually you will leave the Keep to adventure in the Borderlands)

I would guess there's enough in the game to play through the first 30-40 minutes or so (including the rat warrens).

Let me know what you think!

PS: Don't forget to play the game in a full screen / large window:

PPS. If you get injured, use the REST command (while not in combat) to heal up.

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LizFoster (112)


    • Either c or d
    • 7
    • If possible, make it customizable (i.e., allow users to
      edit any attributes they'd like to be slightly different)
    • 6
    • Make the miss chance much lower. My first ever battle
      took around 20 minutes of just entering A over and over
      again. (Lol) Also, I got stuck in an infinite loop of me
      fleeing and then immediately getting attacked.
    • To keep things simple, for trapdoors maybe just have a
      rectangle in the center of the screen (with lines through
      it to make it look like wood). For the warehouse, maybe
      just have a few boxes lying around if possible. I like
      the rat designs, they are rather cute.
    • Yes, it does sound exciting. As a quick suggestion for
      the rats themselves, maybe make there be a 5-7% chance
      for the rat you encounter to be a large / alpha rat, and
      the deeper you go into the warehouse, the higher that
      chance goes.
    • I find grinding fun actually, so it sounds exciting!
    • Yes, but maybe have it so that it reprints all available
      directions each time, as it gets slightly annoying to
      have to say "LOOK" every few turns.

Overall, this is quite fun to play, but I'm a bit of a sucker for RPGs, so maybe I am biased!! Thank you so much for asking for my input in this; I will help in any way I can.

Good work!! (〃^▽^〃)