3D RPG Text Adventure (no .. really, I promise: 3D)
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2. Don't forget to REST when you've taken damage after a fight!

[ STATS: ]
As of 2020-03-22:

  • Over 8,000 lines of complex class-based Python code
  • ~800 total characters created
  • ~80 characters played >= 0.01 day (longer than ~8 minutes)

Hello fellow REPL'ers,

A while back, I shared my initial idea for creating a 3D maze game. I took that idea and combined it with an RPG Text Adventure I've been working on for a while. Here's the result!

NOTE: Game is best played in a full screen window due to the 3D perspective "window" in the upper right corner:

Typical text adventure commands can be used to move (such as north, west, etc), however you can also use the cursor buttons:
Up: Move forward
Down: Move backwards (doesn't change facing direction)
Right: Turn to the right
Left: Turn to the left

While the graphics seem VERY simple, it is in-fact a 3-layer rendering engine. If portions of the first layer are transparent (such as an opening in a wall) then the contents beyond are rendered. This means when you open a door, the contents of whatever is beyond that door will be shown, etc.

Currently, the engine can render: walls, a few kinds of doors, archways, torches, caverns, bridges and more.

Don't forget: You will still need to read the text side of the screen for room descriptions, NPCs and other information.

The RPG includes:

  • Save / restore characters
  • Custom character creation
  • Multi-layer armor
  • Skill-based fighting
  • Tick-based engine where things happen when you aren't typing ("tick" is around 10 seconds)
  • Day / night cycle
  • NPCs can be talked to
  • Quest tracking

Lastly, the game is clearly not complete. I work in my spare time on:

  • add "room objects" like levers which can be pulled or paintings that can be examined, etc
  • filling out the map
  • add more "frames" to the rendering engine
  • add more quests and items (eventually you will leave the Keep to adventure in the Borderlands)

I would guess there's enough in the game to play through the first 30-40 minutes or so (including the rat warrens).

Let me know what you think!

PS: Don't forget to play the game in a full screen / large window:

PPS. If you get injured, use the REST command (while not in combat) to heal up.

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LizFoster (291)

@Hashcode Hey, so I wasn't able to recreate this, and forgot to take a screenshot, but I was fighting a rat in the warehouse, beat him, and then immediately got into another battle. The rat didn't render, I attacked, and the game crashed, saying that a variable named "cm" is not defined. If it happens again I'll make sure to screenshot it, since I do not remember what line the error was on..

EDIT: Okay here:

Hashcode (182)

@LizFoster Thank you for the screenshot! I'll get this fixed.

LizFoster (291)

@Hashcode Sure thing! What is even happening that causes that to happen?

Hashcode (182)

@LizFoster Ok, fix is pushed. Was a side-effect of me adding pagination to the help menu / attack menus. Sorry about that.

The actual bug would only be triggered if something caused you to "stumble" (IE: you need to stand back up). I was printing the "STAND" portion of the menu in yellow and that needed a tweak with the pagination changes.

LizFoster (291)

@Hashcode Oh, wow, that's annoying. It wasn't too hard to fix though, right? Also, I am guessing that the chain armor is better than the leather, but by how much? (¬‿¬ )

Hashcode (182)

@LizFoster Easy fix.

Leather to Chainmail is a clear upgrade:

  • LEATHER reduces damage from blunt by 2, edge by 4, and point by 3
  • MAIL reduces damage from blunt by 2, edge by 8 and point by 5.
    (You can see these values in the image I posted above)

However, you might notice that blunt damage isn't really all that protected. For that you would also need to wear a layer of quilted armor under the leather or mail:

  • QUILT reduces damage from blunt by 5, edge by 3, point by 2

All of the protection numbers are added together for any single area of the body (this is shown with the AC command).

But layering adds to your overall weight.. so it's kind of a trade off.
Of course this will add up weight wise so you have to probably decide how much is enough.

LizFoster (291)

@Hashcode Ahh, I see. Nice. I seriously need to look through the code at some point, I'd love to see the inner workings of it all!