Hello world! Current target: 100 languages!
Lost0Soul (91)

Hey there, according to this site there are over 800 programming languages in the world, and i'm even more sure that they all have a code to say Hello world! as every language does, duh.

So i made this repl, lets see in how many languages we can say Hello world!.

Please share your code on how to do so in the comments, Thanks!

Also, please upvote and share so more people see this and we can reach a huge amount of languages!


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fuzzyastrocat (247)

Haskell, .hs:

main = putStrLn "Hello, world!"

Tcl, .tcl:

puts {Hello, world!}

Ruby, .rb

puts "Hello, world!"

Rust, .rs

fn main() {
    println!("Hello, world!");

Curta, .rta (it's my own language, how could I leave it out? :D)

event Init :: ()

on Init {
    :begin {baudRate 9600}
    :println {? "Hello, world!"}
fuzzyastrocat (247)

Swift, .swift

import Swift
print("Hello, World!")

Dart, .dart

void main() {
  print('Hello, World!');

NASM assembly, .asm

          global    _start

          section   .text
_start:   mov       rax, 1
          mov       rdi, 1
          mov       rsi, message
          mov       rdx, 13
          mov       rax, 60
          xor       rdi, rdi

          section   .data
message:  db        "Hello, World!", 10
Lost0Soul (91)

@fuzzyastrocat These are a bunch of languages, added! Also, do you really know asm?!??? Cause thats 😮

fuzzyastrocat (247)

@Lost0Soul Yes. I'm actually better acquainted with AT&T, but I know some asm as well :D

Lost0Soul (91)

@fuzzyastrocat You know that eye emoji where its like moving as if its staring? I dont what its called, but this comment is that emoji 👀 👀 👀

Lost0Soul (91)

@fuzzyastrocat UwU I might have a surprise for you then soon, if the Repl.it team "agrees" to it, 🤐 I say no more.

fuzzyastrocat (247)

@Lost0Soul Just noticed there's a slight inaccuracy in the tcl program: it says puts {"Hello, world!"} which would print (literally) "Hello, world!" not Hello, World!. To fix, just remove the quotes.