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Hax - The game
LoneAce (222)

Hello there!

The project below is a small game that I made that (unfortunately) does not do much... Do comment suggestions to improve the game and I will work on it when I have spare time. Thanks for playing!

Thou shalt not pass :)

AMKING100 (4)

This game is simplistic, but its still so cool keep up the great work!!!

ArielLorusso1 (3)

You could add more stats

Health : Max value is 100 if gets to 0 you lose and start over

Food : Must be betweeen 35-65
can be replenish buying at supermarket
its lowered 1 point every 10 seconds

if ( food > 65) { health = health - (food-65) ; } // you are overweight
if ( food < 35) { health = health - (35 -food) ; } // you are underweight
health ++ ; // automaticaly gain 1 every minute

also you can make junk cost $20 but gives you uncertain food value 1-10
and lowers health 2 points.
Home made food takes process but gives you fix value of 5 and cost $15
Dinner at restaurant is $40 gives you 10 food in an instant

it will start to resemble a Sims game

You could also think in :
Job position , Carisma , Happyness , Age , Hygiene , Stamina .
and make a complex relation between the variables to make it imposible to live forever
at the end of the game display achievements and develop a leaderboard

Balarzo (3)

When investing in hacked programs you can keep on pressing I and Y and it will keep the chain going without having to wait for it to process.

LoneAce (222)

@Balarzo The processing is necessary so that players do not spam it. Really sorry but it is a game mechanic to prevent the game from being completed too fast

TehDindan (2)

Accessing other computers seems useless at this point.

LoneAce (222)

@TehDindan Yup I just used that to test some pixel arts and haven't actually wanted to develop on it yet

TehDindan (2)

Gotcha @LoneAce

It's pretty cool otherwise.

DJWang (1102)

You are such a copier!

LoneAce (222)

@DJWang That's my project he copied it LOL

DJWang (1102)

@LoneAce Oh seriously lol sorry

DJWang (1102)

OMG Everyone buy scratch card for free money!~~

mg4131 (1)

You can cheat by working and then quitting.You can keep on doing that to get money fast!

LoneAce (222)

@mg4131 I will get into that soon :)

wAaron528 (1)

i think there should be an actual goal to the game

LoneAce (222)

@wAaron528 Thanks for the suggestion! I'll work on it once I have the time :)

wAaron528 (1)

@LoneAce No prob.:) I’m looking forward to it!

Steven_The_GuyT (220)

In the hacked shop, the scratch card usually gives you more than $50, earning you a profit. I think you should increase the chances of getting less than $50.

MATHyou (30)

When you work you can just hold down enter instead of spamming it to get money fast!

25bam (0)

Pretty well done, but you can earn money by just buying scratch cards and doing nothing else.

sylashur (50)

I've made a game like this a looooong time ago and it was really simple and somewhat depressing. The link is right here:

LoneAce (222)

@sylashur Checked it out. Interesting concept of the yearly happenings :)

sylashur (50)

@LoneAce Lol thanks, I haven't touched this code in a while, maybe it's time to make some improvements to it, possibly more playable than observing.

StudentJuliaJul (0)

I like this game. However I think that having to type 'help' or '?' is redundant. Maybe you can make a UI showing your stats and the menu? I'm looking forward to when you add the hacking element into this.

LoneAce (222)

@StudentJuliaJul Hmm I'll consider that in the new game

DylanDen (0)

what doese even mean

Heypeoples2 (12)

Cool, it only takes 5 minutes to finish though.

LoneAce (222)

@Heypeoples2 The game itself is not complete I am trying to make an update separately

Zachary007 (5)

Nice game, but is the any point of accessing computers? I mean it looks cool but what's the point?

LoneAce (222)

@Zachary007 Read my reply to previous comments. Really sorry but could not update the game currently due to a very tight schedule #Ace

LoneAce (222)

@DDiazfigueredo Really sorry but can you try refresh the game? Some functions are not made without errors as this code is a few months old

RayvelArjoon (67)

Is there a max amount of money?

LoneAce (222)

@RayvelArjoon Nope there isn't. Just in case I want to add more stuff in the shop :)