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Make your own levels! -Scribble Countdown-
CatR3kd (420)

Hey Guys!

A lot of people wanted to help make levels for my new game, Scribble Countdown, so I made a template for it!


.ttf files:

The .ttf files are fonts. The sevensegment one is for the countdown, and the scribble one is for the rest of the page.



hintone, hinttwo, hintthree, hintfour: Each digit of the randomly generated code. These are the numbers you should hide.
code: The whole code.
lastfour: The last for buttons pressed, in reverse. You can ignore this one


startCountdown(); Starts the countdown, also where losing and winning scripts reside.
generateCode(); Generates a random four digit code, assigns each digit to the hint variables, and assigns the whole code to the variable code.
start(); Starts the game, by generating the code then starting the countdown.

What to do:

Hide each digit across the HTML page! Make it hard, easy, or medium! NOTE: The style of this game is scribble. If your submission does not include this, it may be tweaked or ignored.

How to submit:

Make a comment on this post with: A URL to the repl, the name of the level, and the difficulty!

Thank you guys so much for the help!

-CatR3kd <3