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Hex Code Converter
CosmoCat19 (7)

This is my first project in Node.js, as well as Pug and Express, and I also learned a ton about POST requests while using this. While its not particularly impressive, I decided to share it as I'm pretty proud of it.

Swanith (5)

Nice, but when I open it in a new tab, why does it say "Enter a node code below"?

CosmoCat19 (7)

@Swanith Hmm, I'm not sure. That didn't happen for me...

Swanith (5)

@CosmoCat19 Oh.. Ok..But nice project!! I just opened it in Chrome, it's good!! Keep up the great work!!

RolandJLevy (757)

hey @CosmoCat19, great job! This is a really good node project - well done :)