Bookie0 (1416)

A funny little program.
Please tell me if you laughed or not thanks.

Great day to all of you

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Kopamed (207)

Hey @Bookie0 . I want to keep a theme a secret (You will find out why later) so I am posting it here.
The theme: Me and the user vs Karen is the starter. Then the karen or me asks the user stuff and he has to reply to it. Depends on what he replies, the way the conversation goes will be changed. This is the current manuscript: Oh I cant upload it here. Ill send it over to ur discord:

Bookie0 (1416)

Hey, so wait I don’t really understand everything, who is Karen?
Also the discord Link has expired, so DM me, and then you can send me the manuscript!
Thanks! :) @Kopamed

Kopamed (207)

@Bookie0 Arn't you aware what a stereotipical karen is?