Bouncy Beats
WilliamShuppert (3)

Listen to the sweet sounds of physics by throwing, bouncing or rolling balls to make some sick robo beats! The sound ended up being the hardest part, and to be honest, with so many balls the sounds kind of blend together into a horrible mess (oops) so feel free to set the sound duration to 0 and play around with it in silence, it's still music to the eyes... lol. This is my first challenge and website! I have been learning c++ at my high school and saw this challenge and decided to learn a little HTML, CSS, and JS. It took many hours but it was really fun and I learned a lot. There are a few bugs but that's what happens on a first try. If you have any tips or suggestions I would love to hear them! Have fun creating some bouncy beats!!! :D

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raghavm (91)

Hey! This is pretty cool! One thing though, could you make the balls collide into each other as well?

WilliamShuppert (3)

@raghavm Ok! There is now ball collision, not the best but its there, tell me what you think :)