Patatap Clone 🎶🎵
JDOG787 (415)

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well. Today The last couple of days Ive been making this. It is a patatap clone! if you don't know what patatap is, check it out here! It's a really cool website and has some pretty impressive animations! Anyways this is a clone of that. The animations aren't quite as impressive as the original, but still cool. I had a lot of fun making this! Also each letter key has an animation and its own sound. There are only three animations, so each row of letter keys has its own animation!

Thx :)

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DJWang (1235)

Hey, as a piano player, I honestly think this is the best game I've played in the 11 years of my life. I wish I could upvote more than once! :)

Just one suggestion: Other than the drums (Which I LOVE) I really like the sound of the letter "k" if you know what I mean. Could you make it all the same key, so that it will create harmonic music? Thanks!

JDOG787 (415)

@DJWang Hi! thx! glad you like it. Also I can't really do that cuz there are only enough sounds for each letter key and thats isn't really the point(more about the unique sounds with animations). But maybe sometime I will take this idea and make a piano app. thx!