🔴[NEW]🔴 **🎮Play 2048 2️⃣🅾4️⃣8️⃣ In The Terminal💻** (in C➕➕) With *SIXEL* Graphics
mat1 (4370)


YOU HAVE TO PLAY 2048 AT 🎮 https://2048.mat1.repl.run/rob/ 🎮 OTHERWISE IT WILL NOT WORK

😁 Fun fact:
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Use WASD to move the tiles in the direction you so choose.

  • W = up ↑
  • A = left ←
  • S = down ↓
  • D = right →


If you combine two tiles of the same type, they will combine! Crazy, right? 🙃

Try to get to the ✨ mystical 2048 tile ✨

(Above is a screenshot of the 2048 tile)

You lose the game when the board is completely filled up and there are no more similar adjacent tiles.

inspirational story or whatever

This game was my first ever real C++ project I've ever worked on so please comment with feedback and suggestions.
I made it using my Sixel and xTerm libraries but neither of them are perfect so they're not fully released yet.
Sixel is the thing that can actually render the pixels in better quality than usual, to make it look more polished.
xterm is the terminal thing Repl.it and Repl.run uses, but I just named my library after it because i've only ever tested it on xterm ¯\_(ツ)_

Please ⬆ upvote ⬆ this post if you think 2048 is cool!
or if you don't
i don't really care as long as you upvote it


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SPQR (581)

Hey chief, if you don't mind could you help me out with the Sixels thing? I'm going to try to make a console RPG with them and I honestly haven't a clue how they work lol (alternatively, I could "borrow" the code in your sixels library (only if you're ok with that), I'd make sure to give you proper credit for it)

mat1 (4370)

@SPQR Yeah, you're allowed to borrow my Sixel code but if you post it on Repl Talk don't forget to credit me ;)
If you want to learn how Sixels work internally, you can read the Sixel Wikipedia article and the VT100 docs

SPQR (581)

@mat1 Thanks :D I'll put some comments in my code so I don't forget. If by some miracle I do forget to credit you, though, or if you don't feel it's clear enough, let me know and I'll fix it. This will take my game to the point of actually being really cool I think, so I want to make sure you get credit for it. :)