Emlyn908 (19)

MAZE A 'textbased' maze walker by Sam and Emlyn. It's a basic and primitive game, but is cool nonetheless. It has little content, but I am happy how it turned out. This is my first game/code to be this complex and I didn't go about it very well, but it works. Don't expect more content or updates, at least not soon because it takes forever to make one maze!

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NigamDahal (2)

Hey, great project. However, I found it a bit redundant to keep pressing enter after I pressed a key. I managed to find a way to get input without pressing enter for C++, so there should be a solution out there for Java. Maybe refer to this Stackoverflow question?

Emlyn908 (19)

@NigamDahal Yeah, the program is so simple and I didn't try to make it great. It is quite annoying, but it's just how it is. But I'll check it out, it could be an effective yet simple change if I could get it to work. Having thought about the code, it's all primitive. Just recently I thought of a solution to make it much more efficient and save more time, but that's just how it is.