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Hey, new here!
foobled (6)

Hey, I'm new to repl. I am a self learner and I wish to know more about coding, especially in python and lua, my best work is Inputs, its not great, but its progress.
Very excited to be part of this community!

noobbutpro1402 (0)

you are not a new
im a new
you actully better than me bruh

spivboy (5)

if you want to learn new things search them up on stack overflow

PowerCoder (587)

Welcome to!

(Sorry the image is so big, don't know how to minimize it.)

hoop4life (268)

great first project and welcome to repl!!

AdCharity (1270)

Good luck programming :) I mainly deal with js, but I'd love to work with some lua.

nerfCRAFT25 (1)

Dang, this is good.