Cactus Simulator
CodingCactus (3046)

I hit 500 cycles recently. YAY, thanks!! Although I probably have about 50 cycles in ask questions where they haven’t selected my answer as the answer after admitting that it was the answer to their question :(

So here is a 500 cycle special!

How to play:

All instructions are explained in the game, but I’ll give you an overview anyway:

  • You are given a choice of what cactus you would like to be. All are found in The Cactapedia
  • You are then given an overview of your chosen cactus
  • Now the actual simulator starts. You (as you are told) make your decisions monthly. You can either: increase root length, stem height or number of spines.
  • You have to balance your decisions so that none of your stats fall to 0 (you die if they do).
  • You need to survive for 5 years (60 months)

Thanks to @xolyon for allowing me to use a function that they made which that the text can be printed letter by letter.
Also, for their colour codes tutorial which allows for colours with no imports, YAY!! :)

Have Fun, and if you do: don’t forget to upvote! :)

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kbadrinath_tcsp (215)

Hi @Coding Cactus. I do not know how to message you privately, but I was looking at your little website about yourself, and there is a question I wanted to ask you on how you did one part of it. I will wait for a response here, and then hopefully there will be some other place for you to answer it.

CodingCactus (3046)

@kbadrinath_tcsp hi, you can message wherever you want, which bit do you want to know about?

kbadrinath_tcsp (215)

I wanted to know about the part where you hover over My Projects and it does that sweep from left to right thing. @CodingCactus

CodingCactus (3046)

@kbadrinath_tcsp ye, you're gonna want to ask @ChezCoder about that lol, he's working on it for me (he should see this comment and reply for you) i'll try to find it in the code :)

ChezCoder (1505)

@kbadrinath_tcsp ok, I read the post.
So basically, I have 2 <div> and 1 <a>. The first div is the background for the <a> and the second <div> sweeps over the first <div> when either <div>s are hovered over. I added some js to patch a glitch with the hovering.

kbadrinath_tcsp (215)

Ok, thanks! One last question I have is how you worked out the css code. Would it be possible for you to direct me to some website that could help me understand that bit? Or if you can explain it that would be great too! @ChezCoder

ChezCoder (1505)

@kbadrinath_tcsp I used css animations and advanced positioning. I am free rn and will be willing to help you in a collab session. What do you think?