Chipotle: The sequal to souuuuubway
MrMinimax (137)

I got tons of hate in the comments for just typing sksksksks in the description.... here's a link to the souuuubway game:

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RobertFurr (43)

Hi welcome to chipotle!
My name is Bob and i'm the first worker on the line.
Would you like: tacos, a burrito, or burrito bowl?

burrito bowl
Okay toasting your burrito bowl...
What meat would you like?
Okay putting your joe on your burrito bowl...
Done! Let me pass it to the next worker!
Hi i'm Jeff the second worker!
What toppings would you like?
Okay putting your mamma on your burrito bowl with joe...
Would you like chips? (y or n)
Thanks for coming to chipotle! That will be $12 please.
Would you like to pay or run?
(type pay or type run)