don't click on this
python88 (118)

ok, since you click on this , you might as well look at this any way. if you read all the way to the end, you'll get a surprise... *smiles also, once you read this, you'll know some secret info muahaha? also check out some of @rjlvey 's projects. he makes really cool things. also, to coding cactus and other monitors, i added some questions. please unlock this so i can tell coding cactus.

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CodingCactus (3034)

Hi, we've unlisted this it only consists of a few <p>s

3941driB (30)

@CodingCactus Agreed, it looks like my very first test project when just released HTML, html5test, but worse.

No offense to @python88, since your projects are awesome, but I think that this really should be unlisted just because it brings nothing new to the community.

3941driB (30)

@python88 Cool! also you got 5 upvotes