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BananaSoul (37)

It draws hi. That is all. It doesn't do anything cool. Just hi.

ChezCoder (1504)

I try so hard to make very complex projects that take like weeks and sometimes months do to and I only get like 2 upvotes. Then people do THIS behind my back and they get like a million upvotes. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG GOD??????????????????????????????????????????????

AdCharity (1307)

@ChezCoder lmao its called mor spam (not this project, more like "empty" or just random crap) in the feed

Warhawk947 (519)

Amazing work of art!

3465728974563 (50)

Still pretty cool in my opinion. Good job

JordanDixon1 (324)

You could have made it simpler by litterally just writing the word hi.

import turtle

turtle.color('deep pink')
style = ('Courier', 30)
turtle.write('Hi', font=style, align='center')
JordanDixon1 (324)

@BananaSoul Yeah. I was just stating how easier it could have been though X3