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Hobo Sim
koolkoder (19)

My first program in any text language. Done with little abstraction and is horribly unoptimized


10/10 you should put a $60 price tag on it

AdCharity (1273)

Hm... They slam my uterus???

RomeroSchwarz (264)

@AdCharity yeah same here. this has an interesting combat system

DJWang (1203)

I lick their uterus so they got mad and licked mine... (which I don't even have one)

DynamicSquid (3228)

@DJWang when you read a comment out of context

Warhawk947 (519)

@Warhawk947 btw love the game, especially the combat

mchapy1 (17)

Love the game, please add a save feature!

wkCompSci (0)

my money keeps disappearing

GoBurnYourself (1)

they nae nae on my face bruh

asdfghmnbvcxser (4)

This is cool nice work

awesome1238765 (26)

i would play this every day if i could

awesome1238765 (26)

this game is great. plz make it better

awesome1238765 (26)

you should make hobo sim 2


i can relate to this

bgrubert (157)

They bit my organs!

BjeezyCodes (1)

This was awesome! but the part when they nae naed my ears wasnt big briad XD

LynxyBoi (0)

this was awesome

  • Rizer

This game was gr8 I got shanked in the kidney.

  • LynxyBoi
RomeroSchwarz (264)

oh god they nae-nae'd on my chromosomes