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Homeless People
hahahahaman (3)

Discretely Getting Money to Invest in BitConnect.

A puzzle game where you queue up actions. It's not quite real time and it's not quite turn-based.

How to Run

The REPL might need to be run twice in order to start. The first time it may get an error, but on the second run it works fine.


This game was created by Shady Basement Production, a group of two people.

Homeless people trying to get money to invest in BitConnect sounded like a funny idea.


W, A, S, D - Queue a movement action
E + mouse click on an adjacent square - Queue a push action
X - remove last queued action
C - clear all queued actions

Spacebar - center camera on player.

1 and 2 - switch to player 1 and 2. Press twice to center on player.

Mouse - move cursor to the sides to scroll around the map

The first level is a tutorial.

Asset Credits:


homeless_guy - ourselves

cannon - ourselves

explosions -

rogue city -

dungeon assets -

spikes -

coin -

fireball -

bitconnect audio -

bg music -

index.js (entry point) webpack code -


All puzzles are possible.
Some you have to think about and experiment with.