The Most Simplest Program
Bookie0 (150)

Please try it and maybe 5 upvotes? Also comment if you want

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Edit: Hi, oh my gawd!!!! 78 upvotes!I’m so thankful for your comments as well!

Would you please mind to go to this repl:
Because I feel like this is a bit old now.

Have a nice day and thank you so much!!! 😀😃✌️🤟👌🤘👏👏

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Zexogon (848)

Honestly getting tired of the whole one line print joke like, I’ve seen this too many times not saying it’s bad but it isn’t really original I guess

Bookie0 (150)

Ok @Zexogon
I understand
Anyway thanks for trying and have a wonderful day!

Zexogon (848)

@Bookie0 and wouldn’t the simplest line of code just be {insert variable here} = {insert value here}

E = 0

Because this program still does somthing

Or try import this

Bookie0 (150)

Hi @Zexogon
Yes that is a very fair point! Thank you! Also “import this” is very funny! But it is pretty long tho.

Thank you very much for your comment, and have a great day!

Zexogon (848)

@Bookie0 oh i thought you wanted the program to be short

Using that logic this program would be simpler:
print(‘ ‘)

Bookie0 (150)

Yes, that is also a possibility @Zexogon
But I want to stay, the reason I’m not changing the code is because I feel that the text “hello dear fellow being” is a bit more “friendly” if you can say that.

But really, thank you very much for your contribution and for your comment!

Thank you a lot!
Have a great day!

Bookie0 (150)

Yes that’s an option but then there wouldn’t be anything to see from the user.

Anyway thanks a lot for your suggestion!
Have agreat day !

Zexogon (848)

@Bookie0 you are litterly making up rules as you play the game xD

Bookie0 (150)

Hey @Zexogon
Yes that’s kinda true, but I guess it’s ok right?

Have a wonderful day!