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How Thick would you like your shape?- AIs' Drawings
John_WardWard (297)

My program

This program makes use of python with turtle, and does certain things in response to the user. Shapes have a lot of customisation within this project. I originally was messing around with shapes on python with turtle, when I realised this would be a great project to make: If the computer received the instruction to draw a certain amount of sides: it would. This is a very interesting concept applied to a basic thing in life which is actually quite useful. You can also switch off the AI and manually choose the shapes properties, which is obviously slower. This is one of the key applications of AI in the most basic of circumstances. I hope you enjoy the project!

Commands are all in the console!


Goldrank (35)

It's a cool program... but the AI should be learning not just having some simple inputs.

themaka (186)

@Goldrank -- no requirement for learning in this competition!

@John_WardWard - this is a nifty program. You might want to warn folks that they'll have to answer questions in the Console.

My 17-sided drawing looks great!

Goldrank (35)

@themaka oh, i thought this was in the AI competition..... i'm dumb

themaka (186)

@Goldrank It is in the AI competition, but the competition does not require that the AI 'be learning'.