Office Crawler
Peanut123 (51)

A text based, sudo dungeon crawler, typing game following a former Microhard employee taking revenge on his former coworkers.

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AlexanderTarn (241)

How did you do the map? I really want to do something like that but I can't figure it out.

Peanut123 (51)

@AlexanderTarn we created our mapping by creating a Floor class which was a list of lists that contained multiple instances of our Room class. The Room class of abstract which allowed us to have multiple different types of rooms such as enemy room and boss room. Each room had a character associated with it that was called whenever that room was being printing. (Ex. Boss room return "B") which was printed. Each room also had a boolean value that told use weather the room had been explored by the user or not allowing us to show only what the explored rooms had. If you open the "game-classes" folder above and open "rooms" you can see all of our different Map classes.