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How to learn LuaH!
HarveyH (97)

This is a tutorial to get you started on my very own coding language, LuaH! To practice your code, go to . If you want to use this code for yourself, copy all the code at and credit the creators name.

From now on, I will be recreating my previous repls with LuaH. Here is my list so far:

DarkWiiPlayer (0)

What's the point of this?!

HarveyH (97)

@DarkWiiPlayer To let people learn how to code in a slightly different way. What's point of all your stuff?! 'Sadness meter'? You make yourself look like a pretty awful guy to be around when you phrase it like that. Asking 'Why did you make this? just wondering' would've been much better.

k4t3xpl0si0n (5)

I don't understand this. Your language is too hard and hurts my head. You aren't very good at keeping python the most readable programming language.

HarveyH (97)

@k4t3xpl0si0n It's not meant be python, but I can understand why you see it hard. Here I'll give you an example. print("Hello World") would be output("state", "Hello World"). Hope that makes you understand a little.

k4t3xpl0si0n (5)

@HarveyH No it doesn't, Why do I need to pass an string argument "state" in the output function? This is really confusing and I don't like it

CSharpIsGud (41)

@HarveyH It is python with a print function you overcomplicated
wait is just a variable to time.sleep
mix is just the python random library

Sorry, but every time you say this isn't just python it annoys me allot