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How to make a simple website.
Cailyn99 (40)

First, add a header:

<div class="header"> <h1>Header Goes Here</h1> </div>

Second, go to the style.css file and change the looks:
color: font color here;
font-family: font family here*;
font-size: ___px;

  • Go to google fonts and do as it says when you pick out a font.

Next, add this in the css file:

  • {
    box-sizing: border-box;

Then, add more about your website under the first header.

<h1>What my Website is about.</h1> <p>More about what my Website is about.</p>

If you want you can add a footer too:

<div class="footer"> <h2>Footer</h2> </div>

Make sure this is all under the "body" tab!

liltaco (67)

This is underexplained, it should be more detailed because no one knows why you would put an h1 or div and what the hell is a class

Cailyn99 (40)

@liltaco <h1> means header one, <p> means paragraph. I don't know what div or class is.

Cailyn99 (40)

sorry, it's meant to be
box-sizing: border-box;