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How to make a video meeting app in 10 lines of code
AbaanShanid (14)

The Repl I shared below is a complex version of what I'm about to show you.
Here are the 10 lines code
I think the code is self-explanatory, you can check out the API docs if you want to know more.

Using this you can make a web app with literally 10 lines of code! The API docs are available here.

This is the link to their official site

You can check out the API docs and can add more features like screen sharing and much more! …

Happy coding!

maxina (43)

Wow, cool! I tried making one in python, it did not work because of the speed.

ebp11 (39)

Love it! I am working on integration with ePlus on BestPenguin Point (

JaceBillingsley (18)

@AbaanShanid Im suprised more people havent upvoted this lol, This is amazing and i hope you can further expand it in the future! A few suggestions:

  • Meeting Passwords
  • Accounts
  • Better Easier to type ID's
  • An Enter button on login screen
    Thats it for now! Good Job!
AbaanShanid (14)

@JaceBillingsley Thanks for the feedback to be honest I made this Repl way before and thought of sharing it now. I don't know why but most of my posts are underrated.

JaceBillingsley (18)

@AbaanShanid I know how you feel man, are you good at js?

ebp11 (39)

@AbaanShanid Same feelings about my repls as you.