IP Grabber - Fork and change the link title!
MarcusWeinberger (674)

Ever wanted your own IP Grabber? Well look no further!


  • Unlimited unique individual tracking links - generate as many as you want!
  • Discreet error page - redirect users to a Google 404 page
  • Grab IP address and User Agent - learn more about your target!

Coming Soon:

  • Multiple campaigns - no longer shall you have to save your many tokens to a text file. see the results of all your links at once!
  • Custom redirects - choose where to send your victims after their IP has been pulled

Disclaimer: This tool was made for educational purposes and educational purposes only. Do not send grabbers to people you don't have permission to do so from. I do not take any responsibility for any actions taken.


I highly doubt this is against Repl's ToS. The majority of websites you visit log a lot more data than this, and a lot more personal.

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MarcusWeinberger (674)

@HyperGamerStuds it has 4 variables, FLASK_SECRET which can be anything, it's the secret_key for your flask app.


These are the connection details for a MySQL database. You can just use this instead of the db.py file if you want to use an SQLite DB in repldb, but it's better to find a mysql server. I use heliohost.org