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JoshuaKing1 (71)

This is a pure javascript animation that will create a complex spiral and... 😴😴😴

I used this link for the basic outlines of the code

Go here for a fullscreen version.

Coder100 (1257)

You are feeling sleepy....
You will do what I say....
Upvote this post..........

DeBeast591 (126)

i have liked the post...

Coder100 (1257)

Now tell others to do so too... @DeBeast591

DeBeast591 (126)

@DeBeast591 (find my comment on the 'root' of the comments.)

Coder100 (1257)

how do the hypnotizing spells not work on you @mahcarze1

KobeFF (106)

Noooooooo, meeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Vote meeeeeeeee you pooooooooooooooooops

KobeFF (106)

):> @Coder100

ok yeah no that's really creepy :P

jComa (1)

@Coder100 Share this post. You are listening to me.

DeBeast591 (126)

Awesome spiral!
upvote Coder100's post...

IreoluwaRaufu (204)

How does one acquire the ability to animate their profile pic, like yours? Cuz that is really cool.

JoshuaKing1 (71)

@IreoluwaRaufu It is a GIF which is an animated picture. Just google 'GIF'.

IreoluwaRaufu (204)

@JoshuaKing1 ok, thanks :) Imma find a really cool GIF

sugarfi (250)

i think i broke my eyes

mahcarze1 (18)

I suggest the thing be bigger, like 50% bigger

NicholasMoon (4)

damn! is there some kind of random object creator and then you run a command to spin it? I'm not that good with javascript so, yeah. but this is really freaking cool! good job!

Pandapip2 (8)

Beautiful linear transformations with complex numbers!

sugarfi (250)

I did not fall asleep, i think my browser is defective.

tcsirvinenhe (1)

wow! that's really cool :)

RubyCanRule (0)


kaveena0728 (0)

That's an awesome animating spiral.

AJSullivan (2)

EvErYtHiNg Is SpInNing

CrystalCoding (0)

I cant stop looking at it XD

CodeABC123 (208)

Cool, but my friend made an even better hypnotizer. It was a few months ago, and when I looked at it I felt like my eyes were going to pop out and my stomach felt queasy.

theangryepicbanana (1403)

Much of the code here is taken from this website. In the future, please mention stuff like this or else it'll seem like you're trying to pass it off as your own work.

BrandonKeele (10)

@theangryepicbanana you can't really say its "taken" from that site but he could got inspiration from it he might have copied some of the code "maybe idk" BUT it's not the same code because some of it is different like the image it self

BrandonKeele (10)

@theangryepicbanana I just checked that site you linked to the code looks pretty different

AdCharity (1113)

@BrandonKeele not really the only variation is the difference in incrementation

BrandonKeele (10)

@AdCharity still they look different maybe the code in full is the same but if you compare them his is may more confined and less text then the sites so idk they just look different to me you can't really say he copied it unless he admits he did or they are exactly the same which I don't think they are so yee. lol

theangryepicbanana (1403)

@BrandonKeele they use the same variable names and the same structure

jComa (1)

@theangryepicbanana He does mention a source.

Zexogon (848)

This is really cool >w>

AJSullivan (2)

This is soooo cool

ThunderCoder (3)

still pretty much aware, surly not hypnotized! cool!

JoshuaKing1 (71)

@ThunderCoder It's cool if you blur your eyes at the center.