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Scoder12 (773)

How to run a minecraft server on repl.it

Hey guys today I'm going to show you how to run a minecraft server on repl.it.

Note: You need hacker plan for this to work right now!

Installation is super simple!

  1. Start a new bash repl
  2. In the console paste this:
wget -O mc.sh https://xpiredl.scoder12.repl.co/mc.sh
  1. In main.sh, paste this:
bash mc.sh

Run the repl and follow the instructions!
Once you see Done! in the console, connect to the ip shown in ip.txt
If you have questions ask in the comments!

How to change minecraft version

  1. If you already have a server, delete the files mc/server.jar and mc.sh
  2. Run the command above that starts with wget again (even if you already have the script)
  3. In mc.sh, find the line that says VERSION=1.16.3 and edit it to your desired version

Huge shoutout to @letsrepl for the initial concept.

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zhidao (13)

I actually made a server!!! You have to make a .env file beforehand and it will work!

zhidao (13)


and plus, I have Minecraft

ThomasHagan (2)

how did you make the .env file? @zhidao

zhidao (13)



just make a .env file named .env and put ur ngrok token inside

ThomasHagan (2)

@zhidao I tried that. I'll start again and create the .env file first as you mentioned. I was thinking there was something in the naming I may have been missing. Thanks!

zhidao (13)

@ThomasHagan no the .env file is lit named ".env"

ThomasHagan (2)

@zhidao Thanks! Felt a bit dumb to find that out.