VolantOS - An operating system made with Volant (Check the jam section)
CSharpIsGud (589)

Okay, so I'm sure you have all seen ReplOS a while back. I decided to give OS Dev another shot, except this time I'm using a jam language (Volant)!
I'm not part of the team of Volant but it seems like a neat low level language.

What this is

This isn't one of those fake operating systems you see that simply chain a bunch of if statements together, this is a real functioning operating system you can compile and run on a physical computer!
I installed QEMU(x86 emulator) on the repl so you can simply press run and see how limited it is right now.

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len4 (1)

I am back and I have started to work on my own OS. I used your repl OS as a template and I am making good work on the python inteprator too. For your repl os template, how would I be able to run other C files? I want to make it so you can type in the shell: RUN myprog.c; Thank you if you can help.

CSharpIsGud (589)

@len4 If you mean in the OS itself, unless you feel like writing your own C compiler or even a C interpreter you wont be able to do that. The closest you can get is calling a function when its used with certain hardwired parameters.

len4 (1)

@CSharpIsGud ok. Then how will I be able to run another compiled file. For example in kernal the user will do something and because of that action it will run another compiled script(kernal1)

CSharpIsGud (589)

@len4 Compile it as a flat binary and find some way of loading it into memory, or give it their own unique main functions and compile it with the kernel