VPN service
GaneshaSharma (31)

Finally, a free VPN that sticks

Just hit the run button and off you go!


  • Sends 404 to server to not respond to bad requests
  • Sends random IP addresses
  • Shows you JavaScript code
  • Cuts the server off (you can send curse words if you really want to, Python won't figure it out!)
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Jeydin21 (32)

I did it and it just said 403 Forbidden Cloudflare. Did I do this right?

GaneshaSharma (31)

What is the link? repl.it? @Jeydin21

The server thinks it's too suspicious. Try putting this in the agent:

Mozilla/5.0 libwww/1.0 htmlver/6
Jeydin21 (32)

@GaneshaSharma lol I put Discord in lmao

RobertFurr (55)

@Jeydin21 I did the exact same thing haha

Jeydin21 (32)

@RobertFurr I know right lmaoooooooo