Squid Clicker
DynamicSquid (3561)

So following the trend, @CodingCactus, @Coder100, @BobTheTomatoPie, @johnstev, and many more, here's my very own Squid Clicker!

It's algorithm is based off directly from Cookie Clicker.

Enjoy :)

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aguy11 (119)

I don't know much about HTML and Javascript, but I recommend that if you can't buy an item, a squid floats up from the bottom and tells you something, like 'No {item name here} for you!'.

firefish (512)

@aguy11 Yeah. That will take like 2 days to learn how to do and execute

DynamicSquid (3561)

@aguy11 no clue how sorry :( I'm not that big of a HTML guy

aguy11 (119)

@DynamicSquid It's nothing. I don't know much about HTML either, so I was just saying that if you could, it would improve your program.