Is it christmas?

This website tells you if its Christmas. Its accurate: 96.7741935% of the time!
EDIT: @joshwood pointed out its 99.726027398% accurate
EDIT 2: @joshwood pointed out again its: 99.726214921% accurate!
EDIt 3: Thanks to (once again) @joshwood, theres a file for how accurate it is!
EDIT 4: @EthanCulp changed it again. Check file.

edit 5: no change

edit 6: will give cycles for more decimals
edit 8: @DJWang gave more decimals

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TheBlacksmith (17)

I don't see how it can be more accurate than 99.726214921%. If you calculate ((3644)+1)/((3654)+1). How did you do it?


@TheBlacksmith ask @EthanCulp and @joshwood. My best guess is wolfram alpha

joshwood (117)

Yeah, it was wolfram alpha. You can ask it to continue to generate decimals if you want. @TheBlacksmith