Game Jam FAQ
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This is a living document!


  1. All entries must be completed by April 18. You're welcome to work prior, but submissions begin March 18.
  2. You must submit a game. If it's not obviously a game, let us know why you're submitting it and how to play!
  3. Work must be developed on and run on
  4. All work must be your own or properly credited. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.
  5. No purchase of any kind necessary.


How long is the challenge going to run for?
It opens on March 18th and ends on April 18th. You’ve got a full month to create a cool game!

How will the prizes be distributed if a group wins?
If a group wins the top prize, we'll distribute it evenly.

How will entries be judged?
That's up to our judges! Read more about them here. No more upvote rigging, folks.

Does my game have to fit the theme?
The theme is CASH and it's there to inspire you! Feel free to interpret it however you’d like. But no, no points off if your submission doesn’t have a “cash” element in it.

Can I submit with a friend?
Yes! Groups up to 10 and individuals can submit. We’ll be giving out awards for best individual project and best group projects, but any submission is eligible for the top prize.

I want to submit with a friend, but I don’t have any. Help?
Check out #Challenge > #matchmaker on our Discord server—you’ll be able to find a group there.

Can I submit something I created before the challenge started? I mean, how will you even know I did otherwise?
We’d love to see it, but all games have to be designed on We’re able to check the history… so don’t cheat!

Can I share my challenge entry before it’s finished?
Absolutely! You can edit your submission at any time, but you’re not permitted to make changes after April 18, 2019.

Can I change my entry after I’ve submitted it?
You can edit your entry up until April 18 at 11:59PM PST. After that, our submission period is closed!

I’m a member of the press and think this is cool. Who do I reach out to?
Shoot an email to [email protected]

I still have questions. Halp.
That’s okay. We’re here to help. Just send me an email at [email protected]

Asset Resources

Need a little bit of help to get you started? Here’s a (n ever evolving!) list of free game assets. Just be sure to read the site carefully and give credit where credit is due ;-).

Art & Palettes’s Free Game Assets
CraftPix Freebies
Kenney Free Assets
LoSpec Palettes

Music & Sound FX
Free Music Archive

Have assets you want to share? Let us know and we’ll add your download link!

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