Youtube api
duck132912 (168)

This is bluetube search for any videos just like youtube but without ads. Every supporter gets a free cycle.
For those of you that want a proper sign in, im working on it. click here to see my progress

And for the recommended post recommendations here

Guys, my api key keeps expiring in less than a day, do any one of you know how to fix it?

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DynamicSquid (2308)

I get distracted by two things:

1) your profile pic
2) how good your project is

duck132912 (168)

@DynamicSquid By the way, im thinking about changing my profile pic to this:

Should I?

DynamicSquid (2308)

@duck132912 aw.. I like that. do whatever you want, it's your profile pic :)

duck132912 (168)

@DynamicSquid yes, I also like meowscles

duck132912 (168)

@ZDev1 midas is not so cute though

Wilke000 (349)

whos a good kitty @duck132912? You are! Oh yes you are!